In the present world, one can find many fertility clinics in the cities. This is because there are many numbers of males having reproductive health issues. These are happening due to lifestyle, corporate work culture, and late marriages. Today, every man wishes to climb the corporate ladder and achieve their dreams within the 30s. When it comes to marriage in-between 30s to 40s, he will face infertility issues. The best way to find about his reproductive health is to go for a male fertility test with a trusted fertility center in your area. This will make your married life happier with a newborn baby within one year from your marriage. Here we have discussed these tests.

Seminogram Test

It is advisable to approach a fertility center and consult for a seminogram test. You can do this when your marriage plans are going on. The best fertility doctors will recommend doing this test if you come voluntarily to know about your reproductive health. This is because; you must have 20-million sperm/ml to conceive a woman. The sperm count test will make you clear about your conception rate. There are many fertility clinics, which do come to your home and collect your sperm. This will help a man who is shy to visit a nearby fertility clinic.

Sperm Motility Test

The speed of the sperm moving into the vaginal canal also counts for conception. A healthy male must have sperm motility rate of 25 micrometers/second. A male with very low sperm motility will have very less chance to make a woman conceive. There are fertility clinics, which treat this sperm motility issue and make them to the normal flow of speed.

Male Sexual Health

It is advisable to examine your sexual health before getting into marital life. You can live a happy married life if you get proper treatment for your sexual health problems if any. You can voluntarily approach any of the reputed fertility clinics and consult. You can approach a male fertility specialist and discusses. A modern fertility center does provide treatment for male sexual disorders. This is because; you must be sexually healthy to conceive a woman. They will give advice and suggestion for treatment if any with you. If your sexual health is fit, they will tell you to try naturally first. The best fertility clinic will say this first to their all males planning for their marriage.

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