In the present world, the chances of conceiving are declining with the female’s in-between the 20s to 30s. This is because the sings of female sexual disorders are lately known. Few of them may live with it and try to find the best fertility clinics when they are unable to conceive naturally. It is advisable to approach a fertility center and know about your chance of getting pregnant. They do various tests based on your reproductive health conditions. Here, we have discussed a few common issues with the females, which they must make clear before their marriage.

Fibroids and Pregnancy Ratio

A woman with internal or external fibroids has very less chance of conceiving naturally. In the initial period, she might not show any symptoms of fibroids. It will be better to check once when you have delayed periods. This can happen with a low flow of ovulation with severe pain and a headache. The reputed fertility clinics do these test and advice you for fibroids treatment. If you have a complication with fibroids, they will help you to get pregnant with a surrogate mother. They also do In vitro fertilization (IVF) after curing fibroids.

Delayed Periods and Chances of Pregnancy

An irregular period or delayed periods will affect your chances of getting pregnant naturally. You must treat this reproductive health issue a 6-months before your marriage. If not, your chances of getting conceiving naturally will be low. Trusted fertility clinics do these tests and recommend proper treatment to be convincing naturally. This kind of health issues does occur due to the modern lifestyle and hormone imbalance. This is because a woman with normal ovulation has more chances to get pregnant than a woman who has irregular period.

Female Overall Reproductive Health Test

It will be better to check your overall reproductive health yearly once. You can do this when you are interested in marriage. There are many fertility clinics, which do this test at an affordable cost. In this way, you can know about your chances of conception before marriage. You can also say to your partner that you do not have any conceiving issues. The test can check your womb health, ovulation, fibroids and any block in the vaginal canal. You can take proper treatment if there is any reproductive health issue. This is the best way to be ready for marriage.

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